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ICT 500


Structured with a mission of “providing an agenda and adding value to the ICT sector”; this corporate group continues creating, developing and actualising leading projects in areas related to adding valued services to the sector for many years.

BThaber A.Ş. has been giving service to the Turkish ICT Sector for 20 years as “Turkey’s Voice of ICT” and works with an objective of developing and presenting informative tools for the business world to use technology more effectively and consciously.

They present research of Turkey’s top 500 ICT companies according to their turnover, lists categorising them according to the field of activities and visions on the market to the public each year.

The data published in “ICT 500 – TOP 500 ICT COMPANIES Research” is perceived as the most important and only mirror of the industry and used as a reference in ICT companies as well as public and private procurement.

Playing the role of guidance for foreign investors who would like to invest in Turkey and the companies wishing to create cooperation opportunities; the research data is the first and only publication as a reference for the Turkish ICT sector.

We are so proud that Sigma Telecom has been recognised for the following awards at the ICT 500Award Ceremony.
-89th overall IT company
-9th Best Telecom company
-3rd for income from services exported
-2nd in income for value added mobile and Internet services


Sigma is honoured to be chosen the 9th best telecom company in Turkey and cannot wait to see what our position is next year.