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Sigma Telecom’s Human Resources Policy
Sigma Telecom aims to be a company admired by its employees where they can say “I’m proud to work at Sigma Telecom” The success of this feeling of admiration is in direct relation with our employees’ level of quality perception.

Our main policies are as follows:
-Customer oriented
-Quality perception
-Our primary duties are being open to development and learning, and ensuring the continuity and development of all our colleagues

Recruitment Policy
Our recruitment policy aims to find the candidates that have the necessary skills and experience for the position and best fit our corporate culture. All applications are processed in line with our privacy policy and are assessed using fair and equal opportunities measures.

1.Applicants Pool
-Consultancy firms

2.Evaluation Period

Sigma Telecom practices competence based interviews. After candidates have been selected based on their past experience and credentials in line with the advertised position a first stage phone interview will be conducted. Following further evaluation some candidates will be required to complete task and or tests depending on their area of expertise and position applied for.

3. Placement
After a period of consideration the successful candidates will have their references checked and be offered a position in the company.

Candidates who successfully made it to the interview stage will receive feedback. If the candidate is not offered the job their CV will be kept on file to refer to for future positions that may become available.

Performance Evaluation System
Employees will undergo periodic objective evaluations, based on performance criteria with tangible measures and in accordance with the company’s aims Learning and Development The annual learning and development plan is created taking the organisations needs into account, in accordance with corporate strategy and aims.
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