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We Are

Sigma Telecom. Founded in 2003 to provide advanced telecommunication infrastructure services including; optimization, planning and drive testing.

We Do

High quality and exclusive voice and SMS service; provided by our team of experts. Alongside software and mobile solutions; for both iOS and Android platforms.

We Achieved

Connections with over 500 companies globally, 400M+ minutes of voice carried per month, recognized amongst the biggest mobile operators in Turkey and a sector member of International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Indispensable Values That Describe Us



At Sigma, we have a fully dedicated, self-motivated, multi-national team. Hailing from all around the world; bringing new cultures and points of view to our company. This diversity allows us to see things from a wider perspective.

Being A Lifetime Learner

For a Sigma employee, learning is a process that never ends. We know that we have a lot to learn from our partners and each other about business and life itself. For this reason, Sigma Telecom invests in its employees' education to improve its talents and promote lifelong learning.


We gain from the combination of our unique diversity and education which leads to our irresistible passion for innovation. We love to use advanced approaches and focus on a variety of aspects to create modern and exciting projects.


We are fair to our employees, business partners and customers. We care about the relationships that we have. This formula has allowed Sigma Telecom to make long lasting and mutually beneficial business partnerships.


Services that 100% guarantee reliable and lucrative partnerships lead to absolute success. We provide first class telecom services, with 24/7 NOC support. Our added value & continuous support deliver a great experience for our partners and we love to exceed these expectations.

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