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Pandemi - Telecom - Covid-19

COVID-19, which affects the whole world, continues to affect many sectors as it affects daily life. Naturally, the telecom and communication sector is at the top of the affected sectors. While social isolation and quarantine are physically distancing us from each other, the telecom sector continues to keep us emotionally close together.   In this period,[…]

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Remote Working

Nowadays the world is busy fighting the Covid-19 virus and personal precaution is the most important issue to stop the spreading of the disease. One of the very basic and important personal precautions is not being in crowded environments for a while and not being outside as much as possible. Due to this fact, as Sigma[…]

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GCCM - Interview - VoIP - Sigma Telecom CEO

At GCCM London, one of the largest telecom conferences in the world, our CEO Musa Rad made an interview for GCCM Magazine that shed light on the future of the industry from every scope. We hope you enjoy reading the GCCM C-Level Interview that includes the striking findings of the telecom sector and Sigma Telecom. GCCM[…]

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