Bilişim 500 Awards – The 2nd Biggest Company

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IT500 - Bilişim 500 Ödülleri - Bilişim500

As Sigma Telecom, we achieved to be the second biggest company for income from services exported category at IT500 (In Turkish: Bilişim 500 Ödülleri). As the whole Sigma Telecom team, we are working tough to achieve better and we are delighted to harvest the results. 

2018; A year with full of success and awards!

Last year, in 2018, we have achieved many things, carried millions minutes of voice, traveled all around the world, passed thousands of miles… As a result, now, we are seeing that Sigma Telecom has become in a different position and climbing to the top with great ambition and contribution.

Sigma Telecom is the 2nd biggest company in Bilişim500 

We are selected as the 2nd company in services exported category. Also, we have been recognized as the 11th best telecom company in Turkey and 6th best in fixed line-income of telecom companies. 

What does Bilişim 500 stand for?

Bilişim 500, structured with the mission of providing agenda and added value in the IT Sector, has been leading the way in creating, developing and implementing leading projects in the fields of value-added services for many years.

From this point of view, the company annually presents a detailed study that lists the top 500 companies in terms of turnover of the Turkish IT sector in terms of general and sub-categories in which they operate and determines the predictions and characteristics of the market.

For more information about Sigma Telecom and the achievements, you can click here.

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