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5G Wireles

According to the global research and advisory research company Gartner, in worldwide aspect, 5G wireless revenues are going to reach $4.2bn until 2020 which means doubling the past revenue.  A significant rise in 5G technologies shows the interest of people! The research company underlined that in 2019 the total revenue for 5G network infrastructures was[…]

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5G - South Korea Telecom

While intensive discussions 5G continues, SK Telecom announced that they have reached 1 million 5th generation wireless network subscribers in only 140 days. SK Telecom has generally 28 million users and now 1 million, which presents 3.5% of its subscribers, are 5 G users. According to the South Korean telecom operator, the interest in this[…]

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If you are new in the VoIP Business or want to know some information about it then you on the right page. Let’s start answering the questions about Voice Over Internet Protocol in your mind. Who was the inventor of VoIP Business ? The beginning of the VoIP business started with Alen Cohen who was[…]

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