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HR Policy

We aim to be a company that is admired by its employees. We want to hear them say “I’m proud to work for Sigma Telecom”. Our success depends on every employee in our company. We know and respect this fact.

The feeling of admiration is in direct relation with our employees’ level of quality perception. We value dedication, integrity, mutual respect, and teamwork. We believe in the great potential of people who are inspired, passionate and engaged; who are working together for common goals and objectives.

Recruitment Policy

Our recruitment policy aims to find the candidates that have the necessary skills and experience for the position and best fit for our corporate culture. All applications are processed in line with our privacy policy and they are assessed using fair and equal opportunities measures.

Evaluation And Placement Period

After candidates have been selected, based on their past experience and credentials in line with the advertised position, a first stage phone interview will be conducted. Following further evaluation, some candidates will be required to complete tasks and/or tests depending on their area of jobs, expertise, and position they applied for.

After a period of consideration, the successful candidates will have their references checked and be offered a position in the company.

Performance Evaluation System

Employees will undergo periodic objective evaluations, based on performance criteria with tangible measures and in accordance with the company’s aims.

Learning and Development

The annual learning and development plan is created, taking the organizations' needs into account, in accordance with corporate strategy and aims.

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Open Positions

At Sigma Telecom, as a leading VoIP, SMS, and Software provider, we understand our clients’ business challenges, provide them advanced services and custom solutions; which enables the highest quality of communication. With our global footprints, dedication to success, and ambitious growth plans. You will have the opportunity to own your future and be a part of a very young, dynamic, and motivated team.

Do you want to be a part or be apart?

Sigma Telecom is searching for an Account Manager in İstanbul, Atasehir office.


Account Manager is the face of the company for our customers and is responsible for the profitable growth of the field sales by building on existing customer relationship and expanding opportunities through new business. Account managers work in partnership with telecommunication companies from all around the world acquiring interconnections and competitive routes from global partners with the best terms and conditions. Also, account managers have the opportunity to attend conferences in various countries throughout the year.


·       Tracking and managing the customers in the organization’s portfolio,

·       Planning and tracking visits of customers periodically and get in contact with customers,

·       Tracking the quality of the service given to customers by empathizing and working for the maximum level of satisfactory,

·       Receiving complaints of customers, assessing and finding necessary precautions for enhancements, submitting to executive and taking necessary actions for solutions within his/her responsibility,

·       Achieving monthly sales quota upon requested goals with team members,

·       Doing research on market/field for increasing market share of the organization,

·       Finding potential customers, get in contact with customers through conferences,

·       Increasing loyalty of existing customers for the organization,

·       Providing the best combination of price and quality for all services,

·       Taking responsibility for everything about route management,

·       Preparing daily and weekly route list and informing the customers,

·       Finding the best routes with routing manager and managing directions,

·       Being in cooperation with the NOC team for providing the best service, tracking the systems for providing the best service quality for customers,

·       Providing cooperation with the leading telecommunication operators in the market.


·       University degree (BA / MS) from related departments,

·       Analytical thinking, result, and quality-oriented approach and good communication skills are required,

·       Good interpersonal and sales skills,

·       Self-motivated and excellent team member,

·       Flexible for traveling,

·       Presentable appearance,

·       Relationship management skills and openness to feedback,

·       Strong computer skills (MS Office Suite) and preferred experience with CRM systems,

·       English language skills for business communications, presentations, and sales.

Do you want to manage a part of a multinational software team?

If you are self-motivated and constantly bear in mind how to add value to a company’s future and its products and services, then, we are looking for individuals like you with the ambition to be game changers in the industry and to create cutting edge solutions.

Job Description

You are joining a team of talented engineers with a high level of technical knowledge and passionate about on-time delivery of high-quality codes. Accordingly, you are supposed to:

  • Leading technical team including mobile and backend developers.
  • Participate in agile practices such as agile meetings, iteration planning, code reviews, retrospective, etc.
  • Work closely with the Product Manager, QA and other technical teams as internal clients.
  • Eager to solving daily challenges and solving the problems
  • Translating business requirements and stakeholder needs into technical tasks 

Microservices architecture, Agile methodologies, Node.js, SQL, and NoSQL databases, Docker, and Kubernetes are keywords you are going to talk about a lot in our teams. Working closely with product managers and participating in agile practices are parts of your job. You continuously design, develop and deploy backend services with a focus on high availability, low latency and scalability.


Qualifications and Requirements

  • Holding BSc in Computer Science , Software Engineering, Math or having related equivalent experience
  • Having a good at communicating and managing experienced people
  • Familiar with different architecture such as Microservices, Monolithic and Serverless; and ability to choose the right one based on the requirements and needs
  • Experience in Javascript or in other languages like Go, PHP, Java … or eager to quickly learn Javascript and related frameworks
  • Having a good knowledge of API development techniques and have experience in using ExpressJS, NestJS or other frameworks
  • Having a good knowledge of OOP, Solid Principles, Design Patterns and best practices in software architecture
  • Having experience with Linux/Unix systems
  • Having an experience using Git, Git-Flow, CI/CD
  • If you are passionate about what you do
  • Having an intermediate or higher English writing and speaking skill



We are looking for an “Administrative Affairs Specialist” who can perform administrative affairs processes (technology products, maintenance-repair, technical services, security, cleaning, switchboard, catering services, and necessary office purchases).


General Qualifications


 -Graduated from relevant departments of universities,

  -At least 2 years of experience in administrative affairs,

  -Good command of administrative services planning and organization, -Purchased office supplies,

  -Experienced in purchasing dynamics,

  -Be able to use MS Office, especially good at Excel program,

 – Be able to actively use programs related to administrative affairs and purchasing,

  -Problem-solving and good communication skills are improved,

  -Having a driver’s license and driving an active vehicle,

 – High sense of responsibility,

  -Preferably have a good knowledge of English,


Job Description

-To perform all administrative affairs processes,

-Creating and tracking stationery and consumable orders on the system within the scope of the company’s needs,

-Supporting all kinds of purchasing processes such as purchasing services or materials related to purchasing,

 -Systematic reporting of administrative affairs and purchasing issues,

-Within the scope of administrative affairs and purchasing processes, to enter the purchase requests of the management within our company through the ERP program used within the company,

-Following the requests entered into the ERP program by other employees within the company and dealing with the purchasing processes of these requests; creating requests on behalf of users when necessary,

-Collecting offers from the market for the requested necessities and sharing the related analysis,

-To create information such as a list of existing suppliers and goods sold for alternative suppliers, price lists, maturity, and payment status; also, the authorities to be addressed in the company,

-Including consumables and service purchases in purchasing processes (Supplier research, material and service procurement, and contract phase)

-Follow-up of purchasing, maintenance, contracts,

-Tracking equipment that requires maintenance,

-To ensure effective stock management of products to be purchased daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

Job Description

     A Junior Backend Developer is responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users. Your primary focus will be development of all server-side logic and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end (Mobile and Web). A basic understanding of front-end technologies is therefore necessary as well.



  • Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers with server-side logic
  • Building reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Optimization of the application for maximum speed and scalability
  • Implementation of security and data protection


Requirements And Qualifications


  • University degree preferred, but not required
  • Familiarity with Algorithm and data structures
  • Basic understanding of front-end technologies and platforms, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
  • Familiarity with Typescript
  • Understanding the nature of asynchronous programming
  • Having experience with back-end programming languages and frameworks such as NodeJS, NestJS, ExpressJS
  • Good knowledge about representing RESTful api and related tools such as postman
  • Familiarity with Linux
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools (such as Git), also familiarity with git-flow, ci/cd tools and Docker
  • Good understanding of relational, non-relational and in-memory databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis
  • English (Intermediate level or above) is required, both verbal and writing

Job Description


      An iOS developer is responsible for the development and maintenance of applications aimed at a range of iOS devices including mobile phones and tablet computers. Your primary focus will be the development of iOS applications and their integration with back-end services. You will collaborate with other engineers and developers who work on different layers of the infrastructure. Therefore, a commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and the creation of quality products are essential.




  • Design and build applications for the iOS platform
  • Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications
  • Collaborate with a team to define, design, and ship new features
  • Identify and correct bottlenecks and fix bugs
  • Help maintain code quality, organization, and automatization


Requirements And Qualifications


  • University degree preferred, but not required
  • Proficient with Swift, and Cocoa Touch
  • Sound understanding of the entire Software Development Lifecycle
  • Experience with iOS frameworks such as Core Data, Core Animation, etc.
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect iOS applications to back-end services
  • Understanding of Apple’s design principles and interface guidelines
  • Familiarity with 3rd Party API integrations
  • Agile processes using Jira, Bitbucket/git, and similar tools.
  • Logical thinking and troubleshooting
  • English (Intermediate level or above) is required, both verbal and writing

Job Description

      An Android developer is responsible for the development and maintenance of applications aimed at a vast number of diverse Android devices. Your primary focus will be the development of Android applications and their integration with back-end services. You will collaborate with other engineers and developers who work on different layers of the infrastructure. Therefore, a commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and creating quality products is essential.



  • Translate designs and wireframes into high-quality code
  • Design, build, and maintain high performance, reusable, and reliable Java and Kotlin code
  • Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of the application
  • Identify and correct bottlenecks and fix bugs
  • Help maintain code quality, organization, and automatization


Requirements And Qualifications


  • University degree preferred, but not required
  • Familiarity with Algorithm and data structures
  • Knowledge of Android SDK, different versions of Android, and how to deal with different screen sizes
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect Android applications to back-end services
  • Knowledge of Android UI design principles, patterns, and best practices
  • Experience with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning
  • Knowledge of the open-source Android ecosystem and the libraries available for common tasks
  • Familiarity with cloud message APIs and push notifications
  • Knowledge about architecture (Like MVVM) is a plus.
  • Familiar with android JetPack components
  • Familiar with Kotlin Language
  • A knack for benchmarking and optimization
  • Understanding of Google’s Android design principles and interface guidelines
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
  • Familiarity with continuous integration
  • English (Intermediate level or above) is required, both verbal and writing


  • University or associate degree graduate,
  • At least 1 year of experience in the executive assistant position,
  • Good knowledge of reading comprehension and writing in English,
  • Have the ability to follow/planing/organize related duties,
  • All kinds of reporting skills should be sufficient,
  • Written and verbal communication should be strong and effective
  • To be able to represent the company in the best way,
  • To take initiative within his / her authority when it should be necessary and urgent
  • To be able to use MS Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint),
  • Dynamic and open to social communication,
  • Should be prescriptive, meticulous, careful and tidy,
  • No obstacle for traveling


  • Assisting the CEO by working under the senior executive assistant’s control
  • To be able to organize daily, weekly and monthly programs,
  • To be able to organize the meetings the belongs to the manager,
  • To follow up the incoming and outgoing documents to the administration,
  • Providing general office support including mailing, faxing and copy forwarding to management,
  • To follow the contract, correspondence, filing, documentation system; to prepare the official documents and submit them to the related manager,
  • To collect the necessary presentations and reports for executive meetings,
  • To prepare reports that are planned to be published regularly,
  • To provide corporate internal and external communication,
  • Scheduling and following meeting and travel organizations,
  • Leading to office visitors,
  • To provide coordination and communication with the project teams in the departments.


  • At least 3 years of experience in purchasing processes,
  • Preferably have good knowledge of English,
  • Experienced in strategic purchasing processes as fast, analytical and resultoriented 
  • Planning and organizational skills are strong,
  • Have team management and leadership skills,
  • Improved ability to persuade and negotiate,
  • Should have effective communication, reporting, and representation skills,
  • To be command on MS Office applications.
  • Completed military service for male candidates.


  • To carry out purchasing processes in line with company procedures and targets,
  • To develop alternative products or suppliers by conducting market research;
  • to receive goods and services whose purchase request is approved at the best price.
  • To create information such as a list of existing suppliers and goods that were sold for alternative suppliers, price lists, maturity and payment status, and the authorities to be addressed in the company.
  • Preparation and filing of the related documents in the purchasing process and checking the conformity of the received documents,
  • Assisting the manager regarding the products under his responsibility and contributing to purchasing projects
  • To ensure that cost reduction measures are taken by reporting price increases and price possibilities to the relevant departments on time.
  • Ensuring effective stock management for products to be purchased daily, weekly, monthly or annually,
  • To control the quality of the work performed within his / her area of responsibility as responsible for the quality of his / her work.
  • Fulfilling other duties assigned by the manager regarding his / her field of duty.

General Qualifications:

  • Bachelor degree in statistics, business, math, marketing or related fields,

  • Minimum 3 years of work experience as a Marketing Analyst,

  • Experience in campaigns,

  • Highly analytical and detail-oriented,

  • Passionate about analytics and data-driven marketing,

  • Passionate about digital & the opportunities, it brings to drive commercial success for a business

  • Excellent verbal, analytical, leadership and written communication skills,

  • Intellectually curious with a strong willingness to learn,

  • Strong knowledge of Analytics software (Google Analytics etc),

  • Knowledge of Google Adwords, Google Data Studio and Amplitude is a plus,

  • Excellent knowledge of MS Excel, MS PowerPoint

  • Fluency in English,

  • Completed military service for male candidates.

Job Description:

  • Act as an internal consultant to translate business questions and developing predictive analysis to grow business

  • Conduct competitive analysis, customer behavior analysis, and trend analysis,

  • Combine enterprise and external datasets, and perform statistical analysis about company-owned apps and brands,

  • Ability to interpret complex data streams and ability to apply to commercial campaign,

  • Analyze sales and customer intent, measure online and offline advertising campaigns,

  • Able to read reports/data and make comments and also create new projects,

  • Track campaign metrics (delivery, open, click-through rates, etc.),

  • Monitor budget distribution and performance of paid ad campaigns,

  • Supporting marketing initiatives across project and campaign lifecycles, including measurement plans, primary and secondary research, and performance reporting and optimization,

  • Provide prompt campaign insights that will allow the team to optimize campaigns on-the-go, as well as drive the development of future campaigns.

  • Conduct competitive research and analyze benchmarking data,

  • Research and implement marketing tools to support our promotional projects,

  • Work closely with all related departments to collect the analysis they need.

We are looking for a ‘’Network Specialist’’



Required Qualifications

Experienced in Firewall Zone management,
Administrator-level knowledge of Linux servers,
Experienced in backup software management,
Experienced in VMWare and Hyper-V virtualization platforms,
Experienced in Microsoft Windows Server 2019 role management,
Experienced in the installation and management of at least one of the VoIP Soft Switches,
CCNA certified or CCNA knowledge,
Having information about Routing protocols such as BGP, OSPF,
Executive-level knowledge for all IT systems,
Suitable for flexible working hours, effective communication skills, high control and follow-up skills and prone to teamwork,
Has advanced level of English,
Preferably graduating from universities in Computer Engineering, Electrical Electronics Engineering and related engineering fields.

Job Description

Cisco, Switch, Router, Firewall, Access Point setup and management from scratch,
IP switchboard setup and access management,
Examination of security and system records of network devices,
Planning, implementation and project management for network projects,
Reinstallation and operation of Microsoft Windows servers,
Backup and log software management,
Keeping VoIP and all other systems online continuously for 7×24,
Network performance measurements analysis,
Maintenance, updating and operation of network systems,
Supply of equipment, server / computer and all other devices,
Maintenance and repair of all IT systems within the company,
Necessary network planning for new projects; preparation and establishment of infrastructure in data centers or company.

To ensure that the systems and processes of all information technologies are defined and installed in accordance with the most suitable information technology infrastructures.