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5G Wireles

According to the global research and advisory research company Gartner, in worldwide aspect, 5G wireless revenues are going to reach $4.2bn until 2020 which means doubling the past revenue.  A significant rise in 5G technologies shows the interest of people! The research company underlined that in 2019 the total revenue for 5G network infrastructures was[…]

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IT500 - Bilişim 500 Ödülleri - Bilişim500

As Sigma Telecom, we achieved to be the second biggest company for income from services exported category at IT500 (In Turkish: Bilişim 500 Ödülleri). As the whole Sigma Telecom team, we are working tough to achieve better and we are delighted to harvest the results.  2018; A year with full of success and awards! Last[…]

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