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Pons of VoIP - Voice Over IP

Forget copper wires and telephone devices! Today; you can make phone calls whenever and wherever by using any internet-connected device, preferably a headset, and Voice Over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. You probably already know VoIP, but since many VoIP services prefer to use their brand name, you may not know that what you encounter is[…]

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ASR - Average Success Rate - ACD - VoIP Terms

In our VoIP guide, today’s subject is ASR, Average Success Rate. In this article you will find detailed information about why ASR may be low, the reasons and the results. Let’s start! What is the meaning of ASR – Average Success Rate Average Success Rate is the connection percentage of VoIP traffic. This percentage changes[…]

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After a very busy year for the VoIP, telecom sector and us, we have an upcoming year. During 2019, we attended many conferences around the world, and now we will continue to travel the world in 2020 for new business partnerships and to further strengthen existing partnerships. Now we are proud to announce the Sigma[…]

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