Some Iconic Mobile Phones From The Past

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Today, we will take you to a journey to the iconic mobile phones industry before the invention of the smart phone era. To the times that we can only call our friends, send SMS, receive and send e-mails. Here are some iconic mobile phones history. 

Some Iconic Mobile Phones

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X 

The first mobile phone of the world. But “mobile phone” is only an expression here. Because it’s a bit big and heavy to carry or put it in our pockets. Probably the biggest phone of the market which isn’t bigger than it’s antenna. If this old friend is being sold today, you may advertise it as a mobile phone that you never forget or lost in somewhere but not sure if there will be any demand. And it may be handy if you are in a dangerous situation, with its 800 gr weight. But still, we appreciate Motorola with this innovation which changed the world and opened new horizons.

2. Motorola Bag Phone 

This phone is an example of past’s heavy burden. It is consisted of two pieces; 300 gr mobile phone and 1 kg leather bag, which carries the battery of the phone. When you buy this machine, will you own a mobile phone or a premium quality leather bag? We couldn’t make a decision. When you think about those years, this mobile phone only lets you make calls and just only for this function, it needs a huge battery. Now think about the battery technology today. Now, we can travel around 500 km by electrical cars, use our mobile phones as tv, radio, computer etc. with only a battery which is way much smaller and lighter than this old phone.

3. Nokia 1011 

The abilities of this mobile phone are so amazing. It has two lines display and also LCD technology. Unbelieveble? If you are not amazed enough, listen to this; you can send SMS. Aren’t all these innovations enough? When you think about those days, we can say that they are more than enough. Nokia 1011 was another milestone of the mobile phone industry, and it deserves a big respect.

4. Nokia 9000 Communicator 

For some people this is the first smart phone of the world. The things that it can do are way too much when compared to other phones up to date, 1996. There was a separate keyboard, wide display and many functions like SMS, E-mail, Fax, and a HTML browser. Maybe this phone was the first flame of the smart phone concept.

5. Nokia 8110 

Nokia 8110 took its place in this blog post not because of its features or specs. The story behind this old friend is a bit different. This phone was used in the Matrix movies as Neo’s mobile phone. It is not a proven reality but we believe that it is the first phone which became a desire object in society. The owners of this iconic model had some positive impact on others. After Nokia 8110, we started adding some irrational and emotional meanings to a phone.

6. Nokia 3210 

Now we came to a legend. Unforgettable, cult model of Nokia, one of the bestseller mobile phones of the world: 3210. There are so much to say about this iconic model; antenna free, compact, innovative, attractive design, changeable case with many color alternatives, legendary Snake game, bigger display… Nokia 3210 was very popular especially among young generations. You had to own a 3210 to show how trendy and stylish you are. After many years, Nokia launched 3310 which was the little brother of 3210 and it was also a successful model but 3210 always has a distinctive place in the hearts of people who lived in the 00s.

7. Panasonic GD-90  

Panasonic was the brand of who wanted to differentiate from others, who use Nokia or Ericsson generally. In other words, it was a simple way to be cooler. But the whole story is not about that. GD-9 has a vibration function and also it is ultra light and has a feature that makes you record your voice. If we had a chance to give awards, we will give a golden trophy for this phone.

8. Nokia 5210

This phone was a great and excellent outdoor phone. It is famous with its sturdiness. You can still find a 5210 which is working properly when its battery is not empty. It had a full silicone case that you can change easily with new ones. Also thanks to the trends of those years, it had a small, light and practical design which was very useful for the people who were doing some outdoor activities.

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