The Latest News About New Technologies, 5G, Telecom, Digital Payment

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In a very near future we will talk about new technologies such as Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Smart Gadgets, Augmented Reality, 5th generation wireless network technology, blockchain and digital wallet… And all of these concepts will become an everyday part of our lives. Everything is changing very fast with new technologies and very soon we are going to wake up to a completely different world. There are many projects that are almost ready and waiting for their launch to impress. Let’s look at some inspiring projects and some predictions about the near future!

New Technologies

5G powered flying taxis by Uber and AT&T

Yes, you read it right. It’s not a scenario of a Sci-Fi movie or new episode of the legendary movie Back to The Future. With 5G internet, Uber and AT&T made a business partnership to make the first flying taxis in major cities.

Uber has been already working on flying vehicles as UberAir and now they will use the power and benefits of 5G technology with AT&T that is working hard for new, reliable wireless network technology right now.

The commercial launch of the UberAir will be in 2023, as planned by the company. It seems like we are going to reach our childhood dreams. Flying cars won’t be fiction anymore.

Smart energy planets with the 5G technology

South Korea’s biggest mobile operator SK Telecom announced that they will work with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power to develop smart 5G energy planets. The main target of this project is to increase the safety of nuclear power, energy efficiency by the technology of Industry 4.0 and 5th generation wireless internet.

800 million units of 5G enabled devices by 2023

800 million units of 5G enabled devices will be shipped and this means 51% of smartphones will be 5G featured by 2023.

The market raise between 2019 and 2023 will be 179% according to the research firms and as you can predict China will be the leader of the 5G enabled device shipment with 34%, and North America follow them with 18.8%.

Digital transactions will reach 9 trillion Dollars by 2024

We are still getting used to the digital wallet concept. There is still a huge development process for this technology but in the near future, a huge interest is being predicted.

Juniper Research Company announced the result of their study and by 2024, 50% percent of the population of the world will use digital wallets. This number refers to 4 billion and now 2.3 billion people are using that technology by 2019.

VoIP business market will reach 35 billion Dollars

VoIP won’t get lost and it will adapt itself to the new era and research firms are predicting a growth around %12 for VoIP until 2025.

The need for more appropriate communication ways will increase in a world where the borders are lifted. So VoIP will be the answer to that search: Cheaper and more beneficial long-distance communication.

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  • ozhan
    Posted on August 21, 2019 at 4:55 PM

    I really interested that you grind out case of smart energy planet.I spent more than 20 years professional work for T&D business.The world transmission and distrubution area already proceed to transformation.More renewable energy for world.Leader companies needs to much technology for processes and products.You already mentioned safe and effiency issues started at South Korea.I believe that market will take much attention who will find solution for full control the systems.Heating , lightning , transportation and the other many thing for human life.Softwares for smart energy.This market will be rise for near future.Jeff Bezos is already working with sunlight for blue moon space colony.They will control meteorology inside the project with energy consuming and the other lots of issues.Can you imagine ? 12 months 23-24 Celsius with life.No storm no rain or no snow.We will see.Really useful blog , thanks for effort team.


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