Making partnership with Sigma Telecom means being connected with the world's largest wholesale operators.

We make the VoIP business, we make the world talk

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Since the date Sigma Telecom was founded in 2003, we have been doing VoIP business as one of the best and biggest VoIP provider companies all around the world. Thanks to our highly experienced, high visioned, expert VoIP sales team, we give quality VoIP services to the global telecom companies. As a natural result, we carry 500 Million+ minutes yearly and with a big revenue, we lead the VoIP sector. We are the fourth sector member of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) from Turkey, the other three are the biggest operators of the country. 

The Meaning of Voice Over Internet Protocol

What is VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol, VoIP, stands for transforming the analog voice signals to digital and sending them over Internet Protocol (IP), carrying the voice between two lines. Before VoIP business, this connection was made through psychical cables between operators which has a high cost to operators and also the customer. So thanks to the internet, long-distance phone calls became easier and cheaper.

This is a game changer offer; optimize your costs to maximize your revenue

By our high-quality VoIP services, routes, destination-based competitive rates and unlimited support combined with the great knowledge of the market, we offer you more lucrative business solutions.

Making a partnership with Sigma Telecom means being connected to the world’s largest wholesale operators. Our good relationships, interconnections and high credibility return you with great earnings.

If you are seeking for the best and competitive routes, cost-saving VoIP call rates, %100 support from a full-service VoIP provider, you are on the right page!

Sigma Telecom VoIP solutions; Great profits of great benefits

As Sigma Telecom, we work with all of our partners with great collaboration and harmony. We ensure our great quality services with high benefits which lead their organizations to get great profit. Here are some advantages of VoIP that we provide;

We work in partnership with telecommunication companies from all around the world acquiring interconnections and competitive routes from global partners with the best terms and conditions.

We provide services to corporate companies that serve switches, PC2phone, device2Phone, calling cards, wholesale termination, and online billing services. Sigma develops these services using the most sophisticated technologies and provides them to companies globally. Sigma Telecom uses the best H.323 and SIP termination and combines it with a high quality of customer service.

Interconnection with Over 500 Companies

Active in Over 170 Countries

Operating at a 60.000+ Channel Capacity

Wide Bandwidth Capacity

High quality CLI Routes

Pre and post payment solutions

Full Network Infrastructure

GENBAND Session Border Controller

99.9 % Network Uptime

High Capacity Network Equipment

Wholesale VoIP traffic

Voice quality with the highest standart

Being a VoIP Business Partner with Sigma means being a partner of the rest of the world!

Sigma Telecom has developed an impeccable reputation with its global clients over the years.

Working with leaders in the industry such as BICS, Orange, China Telecom, TTI, Telecom Italia, iBasis, ZTE, China Telecom, Turk Telekom, Turkcell and other communication services, equipment providers, governmental agencies and industry associations worldwide.

Sigma Telecom understands its clients’ business challenges and enables the highest quality of client communication.

As a result, Sigma can provide advanced services and custom-made solutions which create new platforms for us and our clients to grow and improve.


VoIP Solutions from A-Z – You are in the safe zone, we are monitoring traffic 24/7

As Sigma, we have a professional and expert NOC team that monitor all the routes, traffic and new VoIP technology which is offered by us with the latest versions of monitoring tools. This team is responsible to answer our customer’s questions and fix their problems immediately with VoIP innovations.

By our %100 customer support system, lower your risk, maximize your earnings!

ACD, ASR, PDD rates

Feel safe

Feel safe, we are monitoring everything for you, instant ACD, ASR, PDD rates and preventing fraud attempts! We take security very seriously. With our advanced fraud detection programs that monitor and assess transactions for fraudulent behavior, we ensure non-cli routes are identified and blocked immediately.


  • All VoIP traffic is analysed without exception
  • Specialized and experienced staff capacity
  • 365 days 24/7 technical support
  • From level 1 to level 3


VoIP business partner

Why should you work with Sigma Telecom as a global VoIP business partner?


  • We are leading the VoIP sector and stand as one of the leaders of the VoIP business market

  • We have the most efficient and effective Voice solutions which can lead you to minimize your cost and maximize your revenue

  • Working with Sigma Telecom means working the biggest telecom operators in the world

  • We have the knowledge about the VoIP sector and experience to take you to safest harbors from the wavy seas

  • Large or small firms, it does not matter, we care about our partnership and our business so we support all of our customers regardless of their size

We make the world talk! Do you want to be a part or apart?