What We Do?


Working with such a diverse and accredited group of businesses has been a source of pride for Sigma Telecom

We Plan, We Deliver, We Manage

services to corporate companies


We work in partnership with telecommunication companies from all around the world acquiring interconnections and competitive routes from its global partners with the best terms and conditions.

We provide services to corporate companies that serve switches, PC2phone, device2Phone, calling cards, wholesale termination and online billing services. Sigma develops these services using the most sophisticated technology and provides them to companies globally. Sigma Telecom uses the best H.323 and SIP termination and combines it with a high quality of customer service.

compelling communication channel


The SMS service Sigma Telecom offers is a compelling communication channel for effective, two-way interaction throughout the world. Attracted by the unique characteristics offered by SMS, people are increasingly utilising the anytime, anywhere mobile channel as part of a multichannel communication.

SMS communication for businesses can extend brand awareness, create customer loyalty and deliver timely content or critical information, providing the immediacy and interactivity no other medium can offer.


Telecommunication Infrastructure

To build the high quality telecommunication service; there are some musts that a company has to consider. As Sigma Telecom we have full of experiences to set up sustainable Telecommunication infrastructures which lead you the most efficient solutions. Under the telecommunications infrastructures services we serve, we highly focused on two disciplines. Optimisation and Planning.


Optimisation and Planning

From the largest to smallest, all carriers need to reduce their expenditures and fixed-line data  usage without any compromise from customer’s expectations . For that reason Sigma Telecom offers the most efficient networks and data transmission to ensure the reduce expeditentures and streamline operations.

There a lot of techniques that a carrier can use for optimisation. As Sigma we give the best optimisation solutions to fit your needs and expectations. After the optimisation process we involve in planning to bring the benefits to life.

Sigma Telecom has developed an impeccable reputation with its global clients over the years.

Working with leaders in the industry such as Life, BICS, China Telecom, TTI, Telecom Italia, Ibasis, ZTE, Huawei, Motorola, Turkcell and other communication services, equipment providers, governmental agencies and industry associations worldwide.

Sigma Telecom understands its client’s business challenges and enables the highest quality client communication.

As a result Sigma is able to provide advanced services and custom-made solutions which create new platforms for us and our clients to grow and improve.

A Global Communications Provider